SOMETHING ABOUT ME: people call me Mony-O but my LIttle Monster name is MONYSTER... I have 19 years-old,. I'm single mmmmuuuummm... I'm a huge fan of Disney and Studio Ghibli

THE PERFECT MAN: well I can say the perfect guy for me is someone who always make me happy with his eyes and smile... Just I wish for someone who loves me and respect me <3

MUSIC: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars,Marina and the Diamonds, Lana del Rey and LADY GAGA.

MOVIES: all Disney Movies and Studio Ghibli but my 10 favorites are; Slumdog Millionaire, Titanic, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Avatar, A Little Princess, Spirited Away, The Princess and the Frog, On the Line, Howl's Moving Castle and The Little Mermaid


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The Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

The Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

tags: #the fabulous #las vegas #nevada
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